Are These The Top 10 Japanese Undiscovered  Local Idol Groups?

Are These The Top 10 Japanese Undiscovered Local Idol Groups?

The Japan Local Idol Activity Association have announced 10 groups likely to break through in the near future – though it seems many of them are already becoming well-known. Check out their choices.


RINGOMUSUME from Aomori Prefecture were formed in 2000, and have become one of the most well-known local idols in Japan, with their well-produced and attractive songs and MV’s, but have recently experienced a complete change in line-up. The new members have taken the apple names of Pink Lady, Starking Delicious, Hatsukoi Gurin, and Kinsei.

Rice Ball

Rice Ball is a sister group to RINGOMUSUME, formed in 2015 from trainees of RINGO MUSIC. After 3 singles, the group released their first album this January.

Kawasaki Junjou Komachi☆

Kawasaki Junjou Komachi☆ were formed as a 5-member group from a Kawasaki regional revitalisation project in 2011, with their current line-up three members. They have 66 song titles, said by them to be the most of any local idol group.

HAPPY Shoujo♪

HAPPY Shoujo♪ are a 6 member group from Hokkaido, formed in 2015 as a sister group to Fruity♥.

Hokuriku Idol Club

Hokuriku Idol Club from Ishikawa Prefecture were formed in 2015 to “energize Hokuriku with music!”. The group is produced by Sage Nakashin from the legendary band Seattle Standard Café, and have several collaboration songs with local businesses.


Hachimitsu☆Emperor is a queen bee-themed idol group from Gifu prefecture formed in 2015.


OS☆K is an idol group based in Nagoya. They are a sister unit of OS☆U, whose captain Megu Saito produces them, and only debuted in September last year.

Kyushu Girls Wing

Kyuushuu Joshiyoku (known in English as Kyushu Girls Wing) from Fukuoka will be familiar to many as they frequently visit idol festivals in Tokyo, and have been active throughout Japan and in SE Asia. Formed in 2017, several of the members were previously with I’S wing.

 IQ Project KenQyusei

 IQ Project KenQyusei is a research student group associated with LinQ from Fukuoka, started in Spring 2018. They are a 14-member group with an average age of 13.3 years.

Niji Universe Inc.

The last choice is from Vietnam.

Niji Universe Inc. are Vietnam’s first Japanese style Idol group, previously known as Niji Dance Group, and have also appeared in Thailand, Singapore and Japan. In 2023, they plan to be a bridge between Japan and Vietnam as they celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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